The Number 1 Name In Fire Effects.  
Safe Cool Fire™ Is Not Fireworks Or Pyrotechnics !

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All Our Fire Inventions Feature Safe Cool Fire !

Safe Cool Fire Is:

  • An Electronic Fire System That Ignites and Controls Fire Effects.

  • New Ultra~Vapor Powered Fire Technology.

  • Safe And Reliable, But Can Be Wild, Crazy, And Thrilling !

  • Perfect For Indoor Stages, But Works Great Outdoors Too.

  • Not Fireworks Or Pyrotechnics !

  • An Advanced Fire System Developed Over A 20 Year Span.

  • Designed And Manufactured In The U.S.A.

Safe Cool Fire - The Safeguarded Trade Secret Of RPF.

Safe Cool Fire Is The Combination Of The Best Scientifically Developed Fuels And The Most Reliable Safety-Control System Ever Developed For ALL Fire Shows.

The Size Of A Modern-Day iPod,

Our Fire Igniter/Controller Is State-Of-The-Art !

Safe Cool Fire Is A Brilliant Blending Of Ingenious, Cutting-Edge Technologies.
Safe Cool Fire Has Gone Through A Gradual, Systematic Evolution With Every Improvement Being Thoroughly Researched, Tested And Perfected.

All Our Fire Effects Receive Fire Department Approval !

All Safe Cool Fire Systems Are Rigorously Tested And Examined For Excellence.

Fire Instantly Turns On And Off At Your Command !

Safe Cool Fire Fire Systems Have Been Intricately Designed With Safeguards And Security To Control All Aspects Of Fire In Live Show Presentations.

Fires Can Be Small Flames Or Huge Walls Of Fire !

With Precision Power Control, Fires Can Be Low Burning Romantic Flames Or Can Instantly Grow Into Huge Heart-Pounding, Erupting Volcanic Geysers.
These Huge Geysers Can Shoot Continuous Flames As High As 40 feet Into The Air.

Safe Cool Fire = The Safest Fire System For All Shows.

Safe Cool Fire Is Available Exclusively Through ROCKSTAR PYRO~FIRE, U.S.A.
Safe Cool Fire Flames Can Also Dance To Music And Follow Your Movements.

See Safe Cool Fire In Action Now CLICK HERE


Heard About The Great White Rock Band Fire Disaster ?

Learn How To Keep Your Show Safe CLICK HERE

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